Robert's book is available from Inkwater Books.

From The Pioneer Press Dispatch:

Robert will sign copies of his autobiography at the Vikings training camp in Mankato in August. The book includes his upbringing in Ohio, his career at Ohio State, his eight seasons with the Vikings and views on sports and celebrity in America.

Check out the new Robert Smith Foundation website. You can also find out how to contribute to the Foundation.

The Star Tribune's editorial about Robert's retirement is right on the money:

The Vikings have had talented runners over the years (Bill Brown, Dave Osborn, Ted Brown, Chuck Foreman), but No. 26 was the best ever to wear purple. Not only are his statistics tops in team history (6,818 yards, 32 touchdowns), but his style was as close to beautiful as football gets -- long, powerful strides, deceptive moves and breakaway speed. There was nothing quite like seeing Smith break into the secondary, juke a linebacker, evade a cornerback and outrun two safeties into the end zone. Then, instead of performing one of those in-your-face displays, he'd simply flip the ball to the ref and head for the sidelines with that boyish grin on his face. Fans got the impression that Smith saw football as a delight, not a macho crusade for self-worth.


The last reporter to interview Robert before his retirement talks about it.


Don Banks writes about Robert's possible reasons for retiring and looks at his career.


Len Pasquarelli says that Robert's best days are probably still ahead of him.

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